An artist, environmentalist and entrepreneur collaborating with multi-medium artists, social humanitarian NGOs, farmers, teachers, chefs, Olympic medalists, yogis and naturalists from all around the world.  Born and raised in Reno, Nevada I was eager to broaden and challenge my perspective of life and lived from Italy to LA, NYC and Morocco gaining an eclectic medley of cultural, spiritual and professional life experiences.  Today I boast a skill set as a farmer, performer, yoga instructor, PADI certified diver and vegan culinary artist.

As an independent performance artist concentrating in contemporary classical dance and fire performance hustling in the entertainment industry made bulk of my career.  I'm classically trained from the Royal Academy of Dance and have had the privilege to study with famous dance companies Complexions and Pilobolus as well as train with NYC theatrical institutions, American Mime and Terry Schreiber Studios.  Additionally collaborating with boutique and global production companies as a choreographer, director and performer I've been honored to contribute to and learn from hundreds of live events, commercial and film productions.  Not forgeting the remarkable individual

A stint experience as a headlining stage magician on the Las Vegas strip provoked me to prove myself as a young woman who could succeed in a male dominated niche industry.  The dynamic of this world motivated me to escape over 200 times from the infamous upside-down Houdini Water Torture Escape in front of a live audience and ultimately awarded me recognition by the International Society of Magician’s in 2009 and got me the privilege to perform at the legendary Magic Castle.  After nearly a 10 years hiatus from magic I finally revisited the art of prestidigitation, performing with NYC based magician Eric Walton as the two-person mentalism and telepathy duo, The Immaterialists.  

After a life concentrated in metropolises I re-embodied passions as a naturalist and environmentalist and transitioned to rural life in Morocco. Through two years of intensive hands-on experience managing a 10 hectare farm, I learned the intricacies of sustainable agriculture and farmsteading.  As partner in the revival of an organic olive oil farm, Sanctuary Slimane I implemented permaculture methods of farming, established an on-site artist residency and engaged near-by community organizations and schools: Project Soar, Pikala Bikes and Mycellium Marrakech.  

I am passionate about socio-ecological systems and am therefore undertaking an ambitious project in the US involving an intentional, sustainable, rural community for supporting adults with disabilities; natural land preservation and wetland revival for restoration ecology, increasing biodiversity and research; hempcrete production for green infrastructure.  To support and validate these life goals I am pursuing a degree in Environmental Sustainability management with Harvard University’s extension program as well as studying mycology independently as an entrepreneurial cultivator and regenerative agriculturist.  

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